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    Sports API: Football, Soccer, Basketball and other data
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    Sports API: Football, Soccer, Basketball and more
    23 sports

    Live results, standings, stats, H2H, lineups, injuries, pre-match/finished games, betting odds and other data

    analysis game game stats lineups of the game tournament tables players overview lineups game schedule tennis game schedule completed games

    Powerful servers and
    large database

    Database of 188,249 clubs, millions of players, hundreds of thousands of completed games and odds

    Impressive amount of information

    Impressive amount of information

    Leadership tables, head to head matches, lineups, player injuries, information and odds on all games since 2017

    live data

    Live data

    Results and sports stats are available in real time, with less than 1 second refresh rate


    Encyclopedic Documentation

    Structured documentation for sport events API integration, including a separate database of tournaments and teams

    Half a million requests per day and a full package of data

    $125 per month for the Football API, $150 for any bookies API or $250 for all

    Available sports


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