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    Sports API: Football, Soccer, Basketball and other data
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    Horse Racing API: complete package includes live and prematch bet365 odds, race results and more data

    Horse racing bets are the most popular and in demand in the UK and other countries, and bookmakers offer almost unlimited betting limits. We offer API data not only for results and race information, but also for live and prematch odds.

    Data, odds, information and more

    bet365 odds

    Bet365 Odds

    The full package includes live and prematch odds for the world's most popular bookmaker Bet365

    live odds

    Live Data

    Results and odds are available in real time, with less than 1 second refresh rate

    Horse Racing Data

    Horse Racing Data

    Data includes race information, schedule and past games with odds

    Half a million requests per day and a full package of data

    $100 per month for the Horse Racing API or $150 including bet365 odds

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